Renovation of access floors

When an access floor is highly stressed over the years this can clearly be seen. Walking areas are worn, panels rattle, joints don’t fit any longer.


Time for a renovation of the access floor, as already with a surface of 100 m² this is more favourable than a new floor. Here we use our mobile machinery. The old access floor panels are lifted. Broken panels are disposed immediately and replaced by new ones. Carpets and elastic surfaces are removed carefully and quietly. The panels are cleaned, special glue is spread and the new carpet is applied with protrusion. The protrusion is cut off with the trimming machine. After inspection of the substructure, replacement of broken supports and, if required, cleaning of the floor the panels are remounted. The entire flexibility of the access floor remains.


Of course there is also the possibility to lay the new surface with SL tiles (self lying tiles).


On demand we renovate your access floor with all the furniture remaining, after work or at the weekend, because the advantages of an access floor renovation are obvious:


- no impairment of the running business. The normal working times can be kept.

- No increased costs due to downtime of staff.

- The entire work of renovation is carried out on the spot.


We handle all necessary tasks:


- inventory of the furniture

- dismantling or removal of furniture if necessary as well as return transport and reassembly.

- Replacement of the surface.



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